I can’t really explain why I can’t be consistent in my blogging. I can’t explain why I can’t focus on one topic. I’m usually good at multitasking. It’s a speciality but when it comes to my blogging I get off track. I lose sight of my intentions. I forget why I am writing. I have to remind my myself to think about my readers. The audience whom read my blogs are my priority. I want to write for you. I want to share my stories in hopes of helping others around me! I’m hoping to change lives. Blogging is my outlet and my way of reaching out to the world. So, I vow to start blogging more, focusing more, and committing more time to helping those around me! 




I started my 3-day trial with #Herbalife yesterday. In addition to taking the #Herbalife 3-day trial pack as directed, I also have started taking my vitamins and drink atleast a gallon of water a day. 

Sure, you have seen many blogs, vlogs, and advertisements about this product. Many people look at the product and think, “Wow, it’s just another supplement.” Do you know why they think like that? They haven’t tried the product. I paid less than thirty dollars of my trial pack. I also sacrificed my Wendy’s baked potatoe money and my diet coke change for a #Herbalife shake. Believe me when I say, no regrets. I am not a supervisor or member. I am a curious client. I simply tried the product and my results are already showing. In my appetite, weight, energy levels, cravings, and my comfort. I am not shaky anymore. I haven’t had heart burn in two days. (I get heart burn everyday.) I haven’t had an issue with getting in or out of bed. I woke up today two hours earlier than I usually do. Last night, I was cleaning my bathroom and doing laundry until 9:30 P.M. without complaining. I had the energy. I was inspired and I am motivated.

When my coach asked me what my goal weight was, I told her to lose thirty lbs. In reality, I really just want to feel healthy and strong again. After smoking black & milds for six months and drinking every weekend, my body started to yell at me. My body almost gave out a few times over the last six months. I wish I would have discovered #Herbalife before I started working at Disney World. I would have been able to conquer the impossible. I am so satisified with my current results.

On top feeling crappy for six months, I have Epilepsy. I was diagnosed in 2012 and still have minor twitches to this day. The last two days, I haven’t even felt a muscle spasm. Imagine what this could help me achieve. I could even be growing out of my Epilepsy just by making myself healthier. I am NOT SAYING #Herbalife cures Epilepsy. I am saying with my motivation to make my health improve, I could possibly fight my Epilepsy. To me, that is success and results.

Today, is day two. I just finished by protein snack and I am about to do a small warm up to burn the calories. I hope one day you see what #Herbalife can do for you. Even if you don’t think it’s right for you now, you will never know how you feel AFTER you try the 3-Day Trial. I hope to see you soon. I hope to see pictures and comments!






I am like you. I have tried every regiment, class, recipe book, and program you can name off the top of your head. Except, Herbalife. Before Herbalife, I seeked information and knowledge concerning my weight. I was at loss for words when I compared my pictures from a year ago to now. One year ago, I weighed 120 Lbs. Today, I weight 155 Lbs. I am only five feet tall. Then, I was in the gym three times a week, attended a modern dance class, and worked at a gym most of my week. Now, I have been through a year of hard alchohol consumption, cigerette smoking, and eating everything tasty. The consequences show. Every inch of my body clearly highlights how unhealthy I have been. My body knows how bad I have treated it and it’s time I make a difference. I am doing this for myself but I am also doing this for my support team behind me. If I am not happy, they aren’t happy. That is why I chose to start my #Herbalife journey on May 2, 2016.

I started my 3-Day Trial Pack this morning. First, I made my yummy cookies n’ cream shake for breakfeast. As tempting as my mother-in-law’s bacon and egg biscuits looked, I had to back down. My first improvement was saying NO to bacon. That is GREAT for me. Second, three hours after my shake, I ate my protein snack. I ate two GRILLED chicken strips and drank my #Herbalife #Rasberry #Tea. The boost is remarkable. Third, three hours later, I had another tasty #Mint #Chocolate #HerbalifeShake for lunch. For my last protein snack, I ate a boiled egg and two grilled chicken strips. I resisted the urge to snack on anything salty or drinking Diet Coke.

You would not believe how I feel today, at 8:00 P.M.

In about an hour, I am going to have my healthy dinner. I am eat lean beef ground steak and a side of veggies. I only seasoned my protein with a splash of ground mustard and black pepper. Heavy seasonings leads to SALTY surprise. You do not want that. It shows in your numbers, I heard. So, in addition to that I took my #totalcontrol supplement that gives the boost of energy I need right before bed time. You are supposed to take the #totalcontrol pill two times a day. It is up to you when you take it, but I like to spread mine out. I prefer to take it in the morning considering I am replacing my coffee now. Which is also the saddest part of my diet.

Don’t forget, like I usually do, to drink so much water. Drink water all day everyday. I honestly cut out sodas and sweet tea the last two days. In only two days of knocking those out, I dropped three pounds. You pee like crazy but it’s a good thing.


I feel great. Thanks to my sponsers, Stefani and Brandie, I am starting a new chapter in my life. I am getting healthy, detoxed, and feeling great about my body. With their support and the family environment I never feel uncomfortable and I am motivated.

We start our #fitcamp this weekend and it is a full four weeks. Fun, free, and freaking life changing. In addition to this wonderful program, I am growing spiritually. I am been a disbeliever since my friend and family passed. I lost my spiritual drive because I blamed God for taking my family away. Now, I have found a light and sense of comfort in myself. It is driving me to be a better woman. A succesful woman!

Join me on my journey!