I am like you. I have tried every regiment, class, recipe book, and program you can name off the top of your head. Except, Herbalife. Before Herbalife, I seeked information and knowledge concerning my weight. I was at loss for words when I compared my pictures from a year ago to now. One year ago, I weighed 120 Lbs. Today, I weight 155 Lbs. I am only five feet tall. Then, I was in the gym three times a week, attended a modern dance class, and worked at a gym most of my week. Now, I have been through a year of hard alchohol consumption, cigerette smoking, and eating everything tasty. The consequences show. Every inch of my body clearly highlights how unhealthy I have been. My body knows how bad I have treated it and it’s time I make a difference. I am doing this for myself but I am also doing this for my support team behind me. If I am not happy, they aren’t happy. That is why I chose to start my #Herbalife journey on May 2, 2016.

I started my 3-Day Trial Pack this morning. First, I made my yummy cookies n’ cream shake for breakfeast. As tempting as my mother-in-law’s bacon and egg biscuits looked, I had to back down. My first improvement was saying NO to bacon. That is GREAT for me. Second, three hours after my shake, I ate my protein snack. I ate two GRILLED chicken strips and drank my #Herbalife #Rasberry #Tea. The boost is remarkable. Third, three hours later, I had another tasty #Mint #Chocolate #HerbalifeShake for lunch. For my last protein snack, I ate a boiled egg and two grilled chicken strips. I resisted the urge to snack on anything salty or drinking Diet Coke.

You would not believe how I feel today, at 8:00 P.M.

In about an hour, I am going to have my healthy dinner. I am eat lean beef ground steak and a side of veggies. I only seasoned my protein with a splash of ground mustard and black pepper. Heavy seasonings leads to SALTY surprise. You do not want that. It shows in your numbers, I heard. So, in addition to that I took my #totalcontrol supplement that gives the boost of energy I need right before bed time. You are supposed to take the #totalcontrol pill two times a day. It is up to you when you take it, but I like to spread mine out. I prefer to take it in the morning considering I am replacing my coffee now. Which is also the saddest part of my diet.

Don’t forget, like I usually do, to drink so much water. Drink water all day everyday. I honestly cut out sodas and sweet tea the last two days. In only two days of knocking those out, I dropped three pounds. You pee like crazy but it’s a good thing.


I feel great. Thanks to my sponsers, Stefani and Brandie, I am starting a new chapter in my life. I am getting healthy, detoxed, and feeling great about my body. With their support and the family environment I never feel uncomfortable and I am motivated.

We start our #fitcamp this weekend and it is a full four weeks. Fun, free, and freaking life changing. In addition to this wonderful program, I am growing spiritually. I am been a disbeliever since my friend and family passed. I lost my spiritual drive because I blamed God for taking my family away. Now, I have found a light and sense of comfort in myself. It is driving me to be a better woman. A succesful woman!

Join me on my journey!


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