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One year ago this month, I told you I would go from 150 to 115. Oh, guess what?

I did!




The Neglect DOES NOT define you.

My name is Katlynn Daily. I am twenty-four years old.

The Neglect

At a young age, I was exposed to neglect on the account of sex, drugs and alcohol. I was neglected as a child in ALL cases, not many,  because filthy (but fun) substances and alternate ego’s, brought on by substances of all kinds, took over my parents’  mind. I was forced to watch my mother and father ( or fathers shall we say) choose drugs over the well-being of my brother, sister and I.

I was the first to take this journey. Yes, I call it a journey.

I was in different situations for twenty years that never failed to teach me a new lesson. A journey is the act of traveling from one place to another. I went one place to the other watching my mother disintegrate in different homes and on different drugs. She chose meth over a box of cereal, a man’s presence instead of a pair of shoes for school. Although she did her best when she could, I was never first priority, ever. Not even when I was born. My mother will tell you to this day that I was more important, at times. I used to believe this flattering information. Harsh, yes. True, absolutely. Today, I still know how important those drugs are to my mother. As long as she can forget, it is the right drug for her. Until the drug stops helping her forget, she will continue to choose them over us. She is selfish. She is very consumed by it. She only wakes up, lives and pushes forward because she knows she can continue to use these drugs and the access is still there. So you know, I have detailed, yet vague memories of being in closets. Different sizes and all types of different things inside these closets. I remember playing with my dolls and cooking in my toy kitchen. Those are the only gateways I ever enjoyed or knew of. I would be in a walk-in closet for hours playing with my toys while mom enjoyed her gateway.  The smells still haunt me. Now, I know exactly what those smells are. From experience of course. I was always second. Then, she created more children, who then became my angels. My guardian angels. Children possessed of  beauty and love. Children who have brought a light to my life. Then and now I know what I was brought to this earth to do or accomplish. That is, save the lost children of addictive parents. They still have a chance.

The Dream

Since I was a small child, my dream has been to use my voice (written or in song), imagination and pure heart to change children’s lives across the world. To bring hope to these lost children, is my ONLY passion. I hope my voice can project far enough to spread hope and joy to lives of lost children with addicted parents across the world. I dream of using my voice to  inspire ALL children and in time be able to create foster homes, orphanages that use imagination, creative arts and passion to open the minds of these children to the opportunity and love they never knew existed. We, children of these addicted parents, feel restricted. We feel embarrassed. It is is not fair to us. I would love to see every child move past their losses and troubles at home. Those experiences, trauma and heart breaking sights do not define a child. I dream of helping children understand how important it is to stay true to oneself without letting those horrifying experiences brought on by addiction jump in the way.


Now, it is time for me to use my experience and losses to show the world and all of the children, possibilities are endless.